Our Heritage

On June 15, 1833 Reverend Jason Park preached the first sermon in the log school beside our present property. This was the pioneer settlement of Barry in an area then populated by Indians, bears, wolves and panthers. Nearby Jackson had only a dozen buildings. In January 1835, three years before Michigan became a state in the Union, this fellowship was officially chartered as the Congregational Church of Barry.

The church was reorganized as the Sandstone Union Congregational Church on March 4, 1869. The Historic Church was constructed in 1871, following a season of great spiritual revival. The stained glass windows were later hand crafted by Reverend Skidmore while pastoring the church. Although the town of Barry has since disappeared, Sandstone Congregational Church’s ministry continues now into the 21st century.

Our new sanctuary is located just south of the Historic Church Building. The new building was completed in time for Christmas Eve service in 2004. Sandstone Congregational Church continues to respond to the spiritual needs of the surrounding area. The enduring strength of Sandstone Congregational Church is not found in just the beauty of its facilities or the legacy of its history, but in the spirit of Christ’s love which lives in the hearts of its people.